Insightful Reflection In ICT

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Insightful Reflection in ICT
Technology through Life

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is useful and helpful. It’s an application of modern technology to interact and share information among people all fields and develop science through technology.

For me as a student technology can really help to make our class session in ‘Empowerment technology’, as interactive and collaborative. By putting a student into a small groups or maybe pairs, quick internet research can help us find answers and solutions to problems. I can show everyone how technology can help with lecture portions of classes using power point presentations displayed via and overhead projector.

Technology also provides new resources for learning the overcome distance and time. The addition of this valuable tool, technology into our education system is a slow process, that one single idea of how to use technology in education, that one soon becomes noted as a meaningful addition and so more curriculum. …show more content…

Most of the countries just for example is the place of Riyadh they use radios and televisions to voice out there concerns in the society. There are some use of technology that improves different problem in our society, first technology improved the transportation and sending messages. We cannot deny the fact that there is an advantages and disadvantages in using our technology in our daily living. As a student we should start in ourselves to make use technology in a proper way. People has a lot of idea in using technology, just like for example is, entering in the world of social media through using other technology like cellular phones, Pc, tablets, and many more. Social media is also a partner of technology. Connecting into our relatives abroad was absolutely hard, but because of the help of social media and technology, life now is easier than

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