The Influence of Media Technology and Information and Communication Technology

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The Influence of Media Technology and Information and Communication Technology
Today it is not sufficient to have knowledge and experience, it is indispensable to be able to share them, to belong to a networked knowledge community and to have skills of lifelong learning in order to exploit all information, competences and skills, learnt from formal, informal and non-formal learning experiences. These continuous changes determine the evolution and innovation of learning process in order to explore a new approach and new tools. However, there are some impacts that could be positive or negative toward the learning of an individual by using this new approach and new tools.
Media Technology
-Educational Media is defined as media for
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Media and technology can be one type of channel ortoolbox to enhance the learning environment, but I believe that they are not the only solution for achieving our educational goals. McLuhan (1964) proposed the idea that medium is the message and the four-tiered questions to evaluate new technology when we think about applying it: “what does it extend?”; “what does it make obsolete?”; “what is retrieved?” and “what does the technology revert into if it is over-extended?”. I believe that if we seriously rethink those questions before we determine what kind of technology we will use to improveour teaching, it will lead us to a more neutral decision.


Impact of Educational Media (Technologies) in the Teaching-Learning Process
The results indicate that the media knowledge of teachers was average, the level and quality of media utilization on the average was meaningful. However, use of more modern technology and media such as computers, video projectors, smart boards, and visualizers were below average.Based on the results, it can be
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