Essay about Using Smartboards to Support Literacy

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Using Smartboards to Support Literacy
Technology has come a long way in the last forty years. We have so many options today to use in classrooms that we should be producing technology savoy students. One of the biggest technology tools to enter the classrooms is the use of Smartboards. At first any teacher can become overwhelmed. I mean a board that is called smart? What can this device do that will make learning to read more fun and engaging and yet be a valid form of learning? Well, with time and refresher after refresher classes, it is now clear.
The Smartboard is mounted in the front of the classroom where a white board would have been. A projector is mounted on the ceiling and connections are made to the computer and the board. With a …show more content…

The students love this style of presenting good books and sometimes it creates an interest in looking for a particular book in our school library.
The use of the Smartboard is also a big plus for the teacher. When she needs to work with other groups, the students can work on reading activities by themselves or a few of their peers. Using this tool makes the teacher feel that her class is actively engaged. The Smartboard comes with accessories too. The use of individual clickers/handheld responders makes students more accountable for their part in a reading activity. The student’s interaction is recorded for the teacher right away which gives the students instant feedback. This gives the teacher information on what skills the student did well in and what skills needs more work. This teacher believes that having a Smarboard has changed how students react and approach their lessons. Their skills both visually and kinesthetically are being exercised for stronger reaction to the activities.
In an article, iPods, iPads, and the SMARTBoard: Transforming literacy instruction and student learning ( Saine, 2012), it has been reported that the use of the Smartboard helps the students make a connection to the internet and informational readings. Many teachers use the Smartboard as part of their daily instructional routine. They claim that when students’ are actively engaged in digital literacy with the Smartboard they see school work as fun and exciting. It also

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