Valentine And Insane: A Narrative Fiction

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Valentine just stood there watching me. I gave a small giggle before running towards him tripping a little and running as if I were drunk. Mine and Valentine’s blades met and we both laughed insanely. We both pulled back and struck out again. I swear any human watching would think we were, how do you put it, psychotic? Yeah, that’s what they would think. That’s was close though. We were more closer to insane than anything else. As Valentine and I jumped back and got ready to attack again I heard a voice close by. “Why do they seem, well, insane?” I heard Oliver ask. “Well that’s simple really Oliver!” I laughed while Valentine launched towards me. I quickly dodged and jumped into the air staying there. “Care to explain?” Oliver called.…show more content…
Yeah, a sort of wave at my opponent causing the both of us to experience temporary insanity. The wave only lasts a certain amount of time. When it runs out we both will either be knocked out, or one of us will be standing. It’s quite simple really.” I say while
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