Validity And Satisfaction

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1. Construct Validity:  This study test empirically whether an experimentally increase in status updating affects feeling on loneliness. In this experiment the independent variable was manipulated, by asking the participants in the experimental group to temporarily post more status updates on their Facebook account, whereas the control group did not instruct. In this study the dependent variable is loneliness. For this experiment the sample have a total of 86 participants, 61 percent were female, and 90 percent were between 18 and 22 years old. The experimental group has 37 participants and the condition has 49 participants. The experiment was based intended field experiment through a pretest and posttest. The variables were …show more content…

Furthermore, they want to compare the fining to the control group. The manipulation does have face validity because the intent of the manipulation is to see if the participants that were asked to post more status updates, will reduces their level of loneliness. The level of loneliness did not change among the control group. However, loneliness did change among experimental group, this shows that the manipulation did what they intended it to do. 2. Statistical validity:  Students in the experimental group, has a sample mean of 37. Students in the control group has a sample mean of 49. Each of these sample are different from the population. To test the strength of the relationship, Cohen’s the mean difference divided by the standard deviation. For the sample items, how often do you feel completely alone? How often do you feel shut out and excluded by other? For this the Cronbach’s was a=.90, m=2.16, and the SD=.63. Also, in the same study the participants filled out 4 items subjective happiness scale with the Cronbach’s a =.87, m=5.31, SD=1.10, and for depression scale with the Cronbach’s a=.75, m=1.83, and SD=.49. the major effect statistically significant because the results shows that the intervention did not affect the participant’s subjective happiness

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