Value Based Purchasing And Medical Home Models

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Value-based purchasing and medical home models are intertwined in that the financial payment or penalties given to healthcare providers rely on the success of comprehensive quality patient care that medical homes are able to deliver. The business model for hospitals require a movement of the organizational strategy, mission, and beliefs from the filling of bed behaviors as a means to gain profit and are now transitioning focus towards a cost-conserving shift as it involves the hospital 's operations, finance, and corporate structure. Financing the medical home is a substantial obstacle that primary care physician’s face and obtaining capital in order to advance their information technology infrastructure by building this patient information exchanging network as this exchanging of patient information is critical for developing collaborative care. Health care reform advantages incorporating the implementation of medical homes, which are defined as a model of patient-centered, primary care that encourages a team-based effort in delivering patient care. A comprehensive quality of care typically directed by the primary care provider, is supplied to the patient and the care involves coordinated and informed decisions by an accessible care team. The organized care team focuses on the patient’s safety by acknowledging and informing all care providers in the health care system team who are typically directed by the primary care provider and include nurses, care technicians,
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