Value Stream Mapping Of Passive Rfid

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Assignment #4 Value Stream Mapping of passive RFID’s in the Construction process: A Qualitative Analysis 1. Introduction and Background As the projects increase in size so does the complexity of associated with them .Large scale projects require a systematic structure so as it stays on schedule and the costs are not escalated. To monitor and control the processes in the construction project the industry is moving towards autonomation. Autonomation of the construction projects has made the process transparent and simple. One such exemplary option of Autonomation is the use of RFID’s in the construction projects. They have been introduced a decade ago but are now being rigorously used. The RFID system provides real time access to data which helps the project teams in decision making process and has several other benefits leading to productivity increase .On the other hand the industry is vigorously diving into lean principles.“The term ‘lean’ refers to using less of everything during production – less labor, less manufacturing space, less equipment, less inventory, and less engineering inputs during development and processing – all of which results in fewer defects and more variety” (Russell, 2009, p. 721). Lean aids to reduce cost and increase profits. Therefore, it would be interesting to get both these phenomenon together as both aim at productivity increase amalgation of the two would lead to more improvements leading to better process flow in turn increasing

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