My Code Of Ethics

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Our values and ethics are important in guiding our personalities and ensuring that we live our life to the fullest. It is important for every person to define his/her values so that one can be able to get a respectable direction in life. Society plays a major role in this because the impact of a person’s values on another is essentially based on the ethical code of conduct that the society provides. That is why it is vital for the collective world community to encourage the superior ethical behaviors that human society can attain. Values define our concept of what conduct is acceptable for each individual life and lifestyle. Incorporating each moral and ethical instruction that has been passed through generations allows for these individual lives to take on a specific shape. Each value holds an important position to the individual priority that determines what form of character each person within the society is destined to become. In relation to myself, I was born in an environment where I did not grow up knowing my father. I grew up understanding my mother was my source for everything. Like I stated in my ethical autobiography, I was the only man in the house due to the fact that my mother is gay. In those days, being a gay was not as tolerated as it is today. I lived in fear of attacks from my friends who ridiculed me because, simply put, kids can be cruel. Through it all, I had to remain strong to live in peace amidst the challenges that I faced. On an ethical point of

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