Variations in the Experience of Depression

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Gender Differences in Depression This focus elaborates the place of gender in determining depression levels. It states that females experience twice as much depression as men. This is as a result of social forces and cognitive behavioral differences between women and men. The focus notes that women in communities with distinct traditional gender roles tend to have higher stress levels than societies where there are no major divides between gender roles. There are various factors that cause women to have higher stress levels than men: First, girls experience more childhood sexual violence than boys, secondly, in adulthood, women are at a higher risk of being exposed to stressors such as poverty than men, thirdly, acceptance of social roles hit hard on women; for example, girls worry about their body image and how boys perceive them. Fourthly, social roles hinder women from pursuing their dreams in many communities; lastly, women give high weight to interpersonal relationships such that when the relationships do not work out for them they get disappointed. The issue of women experiencing higher incidence of depression is real. This is because of the natural differences that make women the weaker sex; this makes them mores susceptible to depression. Moreover, gender disparities imminent in some societies discriminate against women; this discrimination makes them more prone to depression. However, with more and more societies getting civilized and embracing gender equity, the
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