Various Aspects and Various Types of Discrimination Essay

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When in a group of people some individual doesn’t treat some people equally and behaves very badly and think in a negative way about other people, this is called discrimination. This is one of the major problems which the whole world is facing. The purpose of my research is to study the various aspects and various types of discrimination and then find out who all are and how they are getting effected by this discrimination and then I will come up with dome recommendations to solve this problem.
People don’t treat other people equally and treat them in a worse way which is not acceptable in the society. It also involves the reaction and interaction of one individual towards the other. It also involves stopping individual from new
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in the group. And in this to way to get extra benefits for themselves they do discrimination against others.
In social competition people focuses on their social esteem. They want to have better social status in the society and that’s why they discriminate others and try to put negative effects on others’ social status.
The third one is consensual discrimination in which there are different hierarchies in the group and these hierarchies are on the basis of status. There will be some high status people and some low status people. In this type of discrimination a person favors the high status people because they belong to high status category.
There is an organization called United Nations Human Rights Council in which many nations are contributing and working in a common direction to end discrimination of all forms.
Types of discrimination and their effects
As we have already discrimination is based on many reasons and on the basis of that we have divided discrimination into various types. We will discuss all the types of discrimination in the world and we will show the negative effects of these discrimination types:
Age Discrimination
Age discrimination is not behaving properly to a person on the basis of his age. There are some set of beliefs, rules and values which justify this age discrimination. This age discrimination is generally done towards
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