Verbal Communication And Oral Communication

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oral communication skill it is the verbal Communication, there is also a nonverbal communication linked to oral communication which is simply a person’s body language and eye contact and hand gestures. This could be important because it could express someone feeling’s as relaxed and confident this mean that if there have open arms this could means that there are open and nice person .On the other hand if we have a crossed arms they may-be angry. Last and the most important nonverbal skill is that the person is paying a full attention to what peoples are saying this gesture could be discover by having an eye contact with the the other person in interaction. The Oral language will normally developed by age four and it is usually developed …show more content…

The use of it is highlighted when a teacher is teaching children to speak for example the teacher is speaking about some object they usually show a picture of this object or while speaking about how hungry there are they would touching their belly .So oral language it’s used In teaching the children by exposure without being specifically taught. Also Good communication is very important in social care. It build a relationships with the clients and their family. On the other hand oral language might develop a good relationships with fell staff, managers and other health and social care staff. This is important in health and social care environment because it is a busy place where you have to work in a team and rely upon each other’s. The skills which a practitioner would need is to able to speak using nonverbal communication. The environment around should also not be too loud because this unfocused children from the teacher and while using oral language everyone should be focused on what gestures peoples are showing while using oral language.
The written communication skills is simply written way of speaking so by writing a letter or by writing a report needed for school. It is a language. The written language it’s important and must be taught to everyone because it’s used on a daily basic and without it coping in a real world situations would be difficult as it is needed in every day work that you

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