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MOUNT VERNON, Ky. — Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) has partnered with a group of youth from 10 different LDS congregations in the Lexington area for the first time to serve in Rockcastle County. The youth conference consists of kids ages 14-18 doing various projects around CAP such as commodity distribution at Grateful Bread Food Pantry, preparing disaster relief bags on Williams St., sorting/steaming clothing donation for Grateful Threadz, and constructing ramps/benches at the housing barn in Mount Vernon. Once a year there is a conference like this to strengthen the kid’s faith in Christ, allowing the kids to build important friendships, and serve the larger community.
“Having this youth conference with 80-100 kids exposes them to tasks they can do in their community to help out …show more content…

Witnessing the youth give their time and effort to make sure that they finish each and every task they were assigned really showed their dedication and drive to helping people in need.
“I want to help change the lives of people in need, build relationships with my group members, and serving brings joy to my heart because I get to bring joy and peace to the lives of others,” said Waveney Brooks, a volunteer from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “This isn’t my first service trip, I have been on other service trips with my church like two years ago, and I went to Guatemala to help in their medical clinic and helped build a school.”
Grace Brooks, a volunteer from Tates Creek High School, expressed her impact on serving in Mount Vernon. “I just want to help people that are in need.” She helped her group as they put together ramps in the housing barn in Mount Vernon. Grace Brooks is the sister of Waveney Brooks, they both were a part of this service trip for the LDS youth

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