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Learning how to jump higher in basketball is vital for many serious athletes. Even if the sport does not require a good vertical leap, the muscles are surely to come in handy for the sport. There is plenty of ways to improve your vertical leap, but if you want to see results fast, there are 3 muscles to focus on: the calves, abdominal muscles and quads.
There’s a great deal of exercises for each of these muscles, however experts agree that these 3 vertical jump training exercises are some of the best ways to train your muscles.
The easiest of these training exercises is the calf raise. To perform this exercise take a stance having your feet about shoulder width apart, and push off with your toes aimed straight ahead until your heels come off the ground. Keep your knees slightly bent and tighten your abs. Repeat this exercise until you feel a burning in your legs. …show more content…

These are commonly known as “planks”. To perform the exercise, get into a push-up position, except brace yourself upright using your elbows and forearms on the ground. Keep your back straight and hold your abs tight, you should start to feel the burn quickly. To work on your oblique muscles, you will perform side-planks. To perform this variation roll over to one side, with your elbow and forearm supporting you, and your feet and back straight, hold yourself up for as long as you can, then repeat for the other side.
By utilizing these three vertical jump exercises, you should be able to add several inches to your vertical jump in just a few months time. It’s not an exercise, but another tip to improve your vertical jump would be simply to follow a lose body fat guide – weighing less will have a strong impact on how far you can push your body off the ground. If you have any trouble performing these exercises, seek out a trainer or coach to help instruct you. You may also be able to find videos of these exercises online, on sites like

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