Victoria 's Midwife Processed The Referral

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Victoria’s midwife processed the referral in an untimely manner therefore delaying her treatment. It was not sent until Victoria was 31 weeks, as a result she was not seen until 31 weeks and three days. She had a little over two weeks where she was left confused about what her management should be and worried for the well being of her unborn child. Realistically the referral should have been done immediately. She saw a physician, obsetrician, dietitian and diabetic midwives during this appointment. In her appointment with the dietitian Victoria voiced her concerns regarding her traditional Indian diet while she was being educated about meal preparation and healthy food choices. She worked full time and lived with her mother who did all the cooking so feared she would struggle to stick to the strict new eating regime. Many women attempt to adhere to the recommendations and lifestyle modifications, but find this incredibly challenging (Nielsen et al., 2014). It is understood that women struggle with the enormous dietary changes due to food preferences and cravings, and women are often confused with lack of sufficient advice (Neufeld, 2011; Hirst et al., 2012). From the clinics point of view they understood the barriers in Victorias life and tried to work with her to reduce her anxiety, and provide food choices that worked with her diet such as consuming less rice so that she could have better outcomes and possibly avoid treatment. Additional to the advice Victoria received

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