Victorian Age Comparison Essay

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The Victorian Era is a time in history in which societal expectations of men and women were formidably difficult to meet. Societal expectations made it harder for one to succeed in a relationship, causing many people of the time to criticize the societal norm. Among these people were authors Jane Austen and Christina Rossetti, who each wrote a unique piece criticizing these beliefs. The two authors expressed their opposing views to the time’s expectations of male to female relations in their literature pieces “The Goblin Market” and “Love and Friendship.” Christina Rossetti wrote “The Goblin Market:” a piece in which the lives of two independent women are depicted to be ruined by loathsome creatures representative of males and relationships. Similarly, Jane Austen wrote “Love and Friendship:” a tale that depicts two females whose lives come to a sudden decline due to the loss of their husbands and their naive nature towards true love. Within both pieces, Rossetti and Austen expose the hardship in attaining the highest profound connection in male to female relationships through the barriers of power relations, social class, and the fantasy of true love.
During the Victorian Era, a stable life was not always easily attainable. A female did not have much choice in the choosing of her lifelong partner, as Austen exhibits in Laura and Jannetta’s cases. Both females had their marriages arranged by their fathers based upon the future husband’s success of societal norms (D:

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