Video Analysis: A Better Life

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“A Better Life” reflects the reality of immigrants’ lives. I learned some immigrant experiences through this video.
One big factor that brings people into the United State is to support their family. Carlos worked so hard for raising his son, Luis, as a single parent. He didn’t want his son to spend his whole life like him, so he hoped Luis gets better education and better job in the future. I think most common reason why people move to the US is their family. When I went to Portland with my mother during this spring break and used a taxi, I talked with a male driver who is from Mexico. This was my first time seeing Mexican and having conversation. He moved to the US because his mother is sick, so he needs to earn money to care of her. We talked about many things and then he told me “You’re lucky because your mother is healthy. Please take care of her. And you have good education, so your future is going to be good.” I didn’t know what to say.
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Carlos couldn’t get regular jobs because he was an illegal immigrant. Also, he was struggle with depending on police officers when his truck was stolen. Except for that accident, illegal immigrants are threatened from getting involved any troubles. If police officers ask them to show their ID in some situation, they are forced to back their countries like Carlos. I have an impression of what Carlos said. He said that he lives quietly and tries to make him invisible. His word reflects how difficult the lives of immigrants are. And if some troubles happen, he is not able to ask to police officers or other institutions to help him. In addition, illegal immigrants have no chance of success in the court. When Carlos was sent to the jail and he had to make a decision whether he goes back to Mexico, he had no
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