Video Games : An Increase Level Of Aggression

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Briana Ramirez
Psychology 103

According to Hollingdale and Greitemeyer (2014), Video games that are violent are identified as very popular games that are played by the consumers. There is a concern that violent video games may pose a public health risk due to the levels of aggression due to the effects of the video games. In a cross sectional studies it has been found that there is a positive correlations with real life and video game aggression. Also in longitudinal studies shows that playing violent video games constantly it can predict that there may be later aggression even after controlling for initial levels of aggression. Experimental studies have showed that playing the video game is a factor of an increase level of
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and they will be receiving credits in a course or receiving a payment. The participants were to sign a consent form then they were assigned randomly to one of four experimental conditions which were playing a neutral video game offline which had 26 participants, the next is playing the neutral video game online which had 26 participants and 23 participants playing violent video game offline, 26 participants playing violent video game online these were the four experimental conditions that each participants was assigned to randomly. They also have been told that they would take two totally unrelated surveys about a video game and a survey on a new hot sauce recipe. The participants in the first task had to play the video game for 30 minutes online or offline depending on which you were placed. The people that were playing the offline video game they had to play against a computer characters. While for the online participants were going to play against a human opponent through the Internet. For everyone involved they had no communication with the opposite opponent so therefore the audio was off, just so that their opinions and their attitudes won 't get exposed to each other and also so it can promote consistency. To all the participants they were all introduced to a PlayStation 3. The PEGI ratings also known as Pan European game information it identified what kind of game, if the game was neutral or violent. The partipants in the neutral video game was introduced to
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