Video Games Controversy

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Video games, since their creation have been a great source of controversy in regards to their effects on mental health and influence on violent crimes. Games have been created over thousands of years ago and have excited generations. Virtual games on the other hand have not existed for over a hundred years, but have made major media controversy over the intense gore in many uncensored video games. One huge standout is the classic known bloody graphic fighting game Mortal Kombat that made the “ESRB” or rating system to show who is mature enough to play this video game. The newest ratings for video games would be represented with an “M” for mature and only 17+ people could purchase copies of those video games with that symbol on the game. Mortal …show more content…

There are sports games, puzzle games, and even educational games to entertain gamers. For example, Chess a board game played for thousands of years made it’s way to the computer screen and is present in most computers for free. But unfortunately, the main controversy is over shooter type games which have heavy influence with mass shootings in people’s opinion. One despicable event was the shooting on the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The nefarious Adam Lanza was found to be a fan of violent games like Call of Duty and Gears of War that revolve around shooting targets (People) as one of the main objectives. Society could put blame on the creation of first person shooters genre of this tragic event but it was not significantly major part. The state attorney of the investigation reported that “Shooter had significant mental health issues that…did affect his ability to live a normal life.” (Good) Adam Lanza played first person shooter games but was seen most of the time before playing Dance Dance Revolution with his close friend in a theatre arcade. That friendship with his close friend came to an abrupt end and life may have gone worse for Adam. There were struggles in school finding a niche and with his family being divorced when he was young. Real life events have the impact to change someone drastically to make an individual unstable to coexist in the real world. Experts can say playing violent video games are boosting the aggression inside of people to become violent. On the other hand “exposure to video game violence neither increased aggressive behavior, nor decreased prosocial behavior” (Ferguson) according to a video game violence researcher themselves. They researched thoroughly in their lab looking for the answers and could not prove video games caused people to act violent. When a person decides to commit heinous massacres their reasons cannot be because the video

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