Video Gaming And High Performance Gamming Computers

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In the past decade gamming has evolved from the most simplistic of forms to one of the most action packed entertainment that rivals that of a movie. Along with games the hardware use to run those games has also evolved to some of the most advanced technology’s we know. With this new hardware there are different type of systems classifications like consoles, and high performance gamming computers. Among these two classifications I believe the gamming pc’s are better than consoles. Here I am going to go over why I believe this based on price, functions available, control of functionality, choices of games, and community size. To start off let’s look at the background of video games and how it evolved in to what it is today. Video gaming started becoming popular around the 1970’s when Atari released their pong arcade machine. (Atari, 99)during this time many first generation consoles started being released which included the Magnavox Odyssey, TV Tennis Electronics, and Home pong. Alongside those consoles home computers were starting to emerge like the commodore VIC-20, and the Amstrad CPC. (Bagnall & Melick)Even though video gaming at the time was still in its infancy it was still a large factor in the market for selling of both of these consoles and computers. Also with such a big demand for video games the technology for both video games and the hardware to run video games got better, and cheaper. In a comparison that encyclopedia Britannica did between an Apple I Mack from

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