Vietnam Folk Games

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Vietnam folk games Vietnam folk games have been formed and existed for a long time. They are more than entertainment, they contain Vietnamese culture. Bamboo jacks, the game of the dragon and snake, blind man’s buff, the game of squares and so on are very interesting and useful. However, folk games are being gradually lost. Children are at a disadvantage, if they don’t have a chance to play them. So it is very important to introduce and develop folk games to the children and everybody as well. 1/ The origin of Vietnam folk games: Vietnam folk games have been created and developed naturally through daily activities in the countryside. They are usually simple, easy to join and cheap, so we can play them anytime, anywhere. Small…show more content…
During this stage, the player losses the ball and then transfers the pack of sticks from one hand to the other. She must successively switch the bundle, first once, then twice, then three or even more times before catching the ball. The hands of a girl playing bamboo jacks open and close like small butterflies. If a player's hands are not swift or if her eyes are not sharp, or if she fails to coordinate the two, she will lose her turn. The game will pass to the next girl. Playing bamboo jacks warms up the body and creates a lot of fun. During summer or autumn, small girls play it everywhere, from the shade of a village banyan tree to a deserted market stall. 3/ The meaning of Vietnam folk games: Vietnam folk games have a wealth of meaning. They are very suitable for children. This is one of the interesting ways for children to entertain in their free time or after studying hard. When students are fond of folk games, parents don’t worry they may be involved with useless or harmful games. They give the children a safe environment to stay away from the social evils. Through these games, children can also make friends and have many unforgettable memories. Moreover, folk games improve children’s health and their intelligence as well. For example, wrestling is an active game for boys to better their health, cleverness and speed. The game of Square does not request speed and skill but the patience. The solidarity will be
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