Vietnam Veterans Oral Histories In The Classroom Analysis

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COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) repressed the government and firmly insured that any disputes going on within the government would end. The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), J. Edgar Hoover founded the program in 1950. Hoover made it very clear that any person who was an activist in the anti-war movement would find their life invaded. Hoover's goal was to root out communism using any tactics that he could. The ways that this was achieved was through wire taps, lies, and having families investigated and threatened. The purpose of this was that the FBI wanted to keep a close "eye" on suspect's lives. With this going on, many anti-war activists and liberals decided that the bad did not out weigh the good. Due to COINTELPRO, …show more content…

The so-called Vietnam Vets share false testimonies of events that occurred while they "served" in Vietnam. As stated in the article by Hagopian, "The measure of such stories interest may not be whether factually correct but whether they convey a moral or psychological truth important enough for the narrator to wish to share it." The reason why false stories were being told was to keep up with societal pressure of being a war hero. Veterans have been brought into classrooms as a primary source, when a piece of writing from Vietnam should be the primary source. What should be taken away after reading this article were that it's possible to encounter false Vietnam stories. With that being said, people need to be advocates for their own learning and knowing that some stories could be just tales. A way to get the real story would be to seek out information that was written in the time period, as well as amercing oneself in the subject. As for the Veterans, remember to respect them and their stories, but continue to be

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