Vietnamese Immigrants Face Simple Everyday Issues That

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Vietnamese immigrants face simple everyday issues that may not cross one’s mind. My father, Phat Nguyen and mother, Xuan Nguyen, has endured the struggles of living in a completely foreign country, while not even knowing the language upon arrival. He had to leave his home country, culture, and family due to the Vietnam War. He “left pretty much everything except the clothes on our back and some Vietnamese money that is worthless in America.”(Nguyen 4). Additionally, he “didn’t even have a chance to grab any pictures” (Nguyen 4). He “[was] suddenly told [they] had to evacuate as soon as possible, but [they] had a few days to find what [they] wanted to bring and gather the family up” (Nguyen 4). Resulting from the Vietnam War, whole …show more content…

Accordingly, the cost of transportation is directly linked to one’s income, impacting poorer families such as my father’s, who just came to America. This limits their ability to explore, run errands, and meet new people. Not having the ability to travel is a huge inconvenience because it is a constraint on their personal growth.
Phat did not eat an abundance of meats and fatty foods in Vietnam, however he ate vegetables and chicken. When he came to America the main foods that were cheap and available were fatty foods, beef, and starches. “Our bodies aren’t use to the amount of meat, fat, and sugar we consume here, because back in Vietnam we bike everywhere and walk so we work all of the lean foods we eat, [however] when we come here, It’s all unhealthy and we drive everywhere so most of us” are unable to burn off the unhealthy foods we consumed resulting in us have diabetes (Nguyen 4). Equally important “[they] didn’t have lots milk back in Vietnam so [they] never drank it but here, everyone drinks it and [they] try to but our bodies aren’t use to it so [they] are mostly lactose intolerant”(Nguyen 4). In Vietnam they had several dietary differences that caused numerous very inconvenient problems such as: diabetes, lactose intolerance, and high cholesterol. Currently,“…with those living in

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