Views On The Historical Adam Essay

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Four views on the historical Adam consists of four prominent biblical scholars, who together, provided there understanding of scripture to a project that shed light on the figure identified in Genesis 1 as Adam. The four contributors to this book are: Dr. Denis Lamoureux, Dr. John Walton, Dr. C. John Collins, and Dr. William Barrick. Four Views on the Historical Adam visibly outlines four key views on the Genesis figure Adam held by evangelicals. The content provided is theologically consistent in some ways, while in others, scientifically plausible for the one who may be struggling to reconcile their interpretation of Adam with both modern science and with passages found in the Bible.
As mentioned in the introduction there is a huge debate strong at present in Christianity on the life of Adam and Eve. Though many may not bother to care, as a tool in apologetics it is important that we are not caught off guard by the questions that exist regarding of their actual existence. So I ask, did they exist? If so, is it possible that Adam wasn’t the first ever human? If not, how are we sinners because of his original sin? So to answer my first question, I will start off by providing Dr. Lamoureux position on the matter. Dr. Lamoureux very humbly asserts “Adam never existed, and this fact has no impact whatsoever on the foundational beliefs of Christianity” (p. 38). Though he stated that he had no intention of converted one to side with his view, and that he was merely concerned with

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