Viktor Orban

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A writer from the Guardian, Tibor Fisher, states that Viktor Orban is “accused of leading an assault on freedom” and many of this actions have “unleashed waves of denunciations... in western media.” . Contrary to Kirchick’s The End of Europe, Fisher states that “Hungary is a democracy” . Hungary has a spectrum of political parties, with fair elections. The government allows for debates and public demonstrations, without the use of force. Several Hungarian and international new reports have been report on these protests. Many of these protestors are young and from urban areas. These young protestors, protest not to be rebel or for illegitimate reasons. They accuse Orban’s government of diminishing democracy, planning national conformation to…show more content…
Like many other Nazi occupied countries, Hungary suffered great loss of Jewish citizens. Similarity to other Nazi occupied countries, Hungarian authorities with alliance with German authorities removed many Jewish people out from Hungary. The Hungarian government and Orban himself, deny that the Hungarian government had anything to do with the expulsion of thousands of Jewish citizens. Orban admits that only individual officials of Hungary and not the Hungarian government collaborated. One of the major controversies of this campaigned was the Memorial to the Victims of the German Occupation. The memorial gives tribute to the thousands of Hungarian Jews affected during the war, but faced backlash for being too literal and an attack to Germans. It blamed only German on the anti-Semitism in Hungary and take responsibility for the own faults. In Orban’s words “It can hardly be disputed that Germany bears responsibility for what happened after March 19, 1994.... We cannot bear a responsibility that is not ours to bear.” He also makes it clear that it was Germans and not Nazis who were responsible for the occupation of Hungary. Attacking Germany for the Nazi’s crime is not new to Europe, however this sort of antagonization of Germany really does not make since in modern times. Germany has taken serious step in combating the rise of extreme right
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