Vintage Cigarette Ads Vs. Modern Cigarette Advertising

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Vintage Cigarette Ads vs. Modern Cigarette Ads When companies create a print advertisement, their main goal is to showcase their product so that they can bring in a load of profit. They may lure in certain audiences whether male, female or children, but how might advertisement be different from the past than in the present? The 1950’s was an era that was heavy in pop culture, with jukebox diners, slick back pompadour hair, I Love Lucy episodes, and jazz music (Watson 3). Advertisements were bright and colorful; with catchy phrases that made them appealing to the public eye. This was a very influential time in U.S history (Watson 3). With that being said, cigarette companies at this time lured in many women and children. Cigarette smoking was acceptable and seemed non-harmful.
In 2006 electronic cigarettes are introduced to the United States (Caasa 4). Blu Cigs is a major electronic cigarette company founded by Australian native Jason Healy (About Blu 2). These e-cigarettes claim the experience of traditional cigarettes without the tobacco smoke, ash and smell (About Blu 2). The company’s advertisement seems to be using digital photography and women to attract their audience. Whether for the good or the bad, advertisements have impacted people and the culture of that time. The first ad I chose was Lucky Strike Cigarette poster and it is a vintage cigarette ad from the 1950’s. I believe the audience of this ad is for everyone both male and female in their late 20’s and

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