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Vinyls + Noir is an online lifestyle blog that was created late 2012 by Tatiana Davis. Since that time it has grown from a part-time hobby to a full-time career. There she writes, photographs, designs, and styles everything for her continuously growing audience. Basically, she is a freelancing creative visual for those who follow or do business with her. Vinyls + Noir has been seen on Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Sober Is Sexy, and Civil Clothing to name a few. As a blogger she has collaborated with Civil Clothing, Sober Is Sexy, Front Row Show, Missguided, SameOldChic, etc. There has also be recognition from maybe other designers, editors, photographers, and clothing brand PR’s. Now we’re moving into the next steps for Vinyls + Noir. We want to take this one woman machine, and change it into a small business. With a group of intelligent and creative individuals we want to make Vinyls + Noir an household name. We want to expand as far as we can into different fields within the industry. Therefore, we need a team of individuals who are well-rounded, trendy, and hardworking. By 2016 we are looking to start a new network on youtube. We are also looking to create a blogging community by adding on two more blogs to the Vinyls + Noir family. The company does not want to create an environment where the artist feel restricted. We want our employees to work hard but to also love working. The employee should feel as if they are at home freelancing or contracting. We are not

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