Violence In America Research Paper

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The Increase in Violence The violence in America is increasing. Violence has always been and continues to be a problem all individuals are facing. This issue has been among the people because there is always something to encourage it. Since the news on television is continuously covering stories about murders and violent acts, it becomes a common thing for society to view. Furthermore, people are still racist till this day. Moreover, a certain individual can influence a person in a negative way. On the other hand, there are significant amount of people who believe the rate of violence has been decreasing throughout the years. Although some argue that violence is in decline, media, racism, and negative influences cause it to increase.
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When one is at a young age, they are trying to figure out what type of person they want to become in life. The person they are most likely to admire is a parent, but not all parents set good examples for their children. Alex Kotlowitz further states: “Despite his dad’s shortcomings, Cobe looked up to him, so he spent many of his teen years trying to emulate his father life: running with a gang, selling drugs, shooting at others and getting shot at” (203). This quote demonstrates how a young individual did not choose a positive person to admire because they were not aware of their role model’s wrong doings. As a result, Cobe’s life was negatively impacted because he chose to follow his father’s footsteps. Someone’s role model should make him or her want to become a better a person and affect their life in a positive way, not the opposite. One should carefully select who they want to idolize because the wrong choice can affect their …show more content…

Individuals can work together into making their community a better and safer place for everyone. Schools and their society should start to offer helpful programs. For example, a program that can help a person get out or through violence. People who are excessively violent may need a person to hear what they have to say and be there for them, so having a professional offer them that type of help can be beneficial. Another program that would be good to offer are anger management classes. People may not know how to cope with their aggression or anger, so they believe doing something violent is the answer. If a professional can teach them ways on how to control their rage, then violence will no longer be a common thing for that person. Offering people these programs can make a

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