Violence Is No Understanding Of Peace

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I could tell how horrible violence is, but you already know. I could tell you how much pain and suffering violence causes, but you already know. I could tell you of the damage that violence can cause both to oneself and others, but again, you probably already know. Eventually I will get to that but first I must say that without violence there can be no understanding of peace. Everyone says “Violence is horrible,” and they are right, it is horrible, but without it would the meaning of peace really exist? Would the word “peace” still have the same meaning? I dont think it would. If violence didn’t exist then peace wouldn’t exist. So I say violence in kind of a round about way is in and of itself the other half of peace despite what…show more content…
It solves many things including creating peace between brothers. Whether its your siblings or a friends troubled past violence is there laced with menace.

I asked my friend Jeff to regale me with some of his past experiences because he has dealt with much more violence in his life than I have. He decided to tell me about the first time he noticed violence, he said that he was about 10 years old and that he was at his dads visiting for the weekend. His dad came home from work early one day angry for some reason and was upset with everyone. His dad decided to take his anger out on Jeff. He told me that his dad started to hit him repeatedly with full punches and hit him until he was unconcious. He told me that his dad didn’t even take him to the hospital and told his mom that he slipped down the stairs. Jeff said that he tried and tried to tell people what happened, but nobody believed him until many years later. When Jeff asked his dad why he did it he told him, “your glasses were all dented and chewed up so you needed to be punished.” Jeff lived with a fear that he was going to be hurt and attacked again but he never knew where it would come from. It bothered him for many years. He pushed all of his friends away. When I met him he only just started talking with people and trying to be friendly, and now he is one of my best friends. Some people would try to find solace in religion after an experience like that, but not him. Even
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