Violence through the Hands or Mind? Essay

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Violence through the Hands or Mind? The USA has been experiencing multiple events of violence involving guns and the political fight to oppose further gun distribution, but is the gun really at fault?
The government of the United States has further shown that the fault in gun violence in placed within the gun itself rather than the individual who used it, the general public as well as politicians must realize that the fault rests within the person who has committed the crime. Through recent events such as Sandy Hook and the Aurora shootings, the focus on gun violence has reached an all-time high in the liberal agenda. What many liberals believe that gun control will limit the access of weapons to criminals actually proves to be a …show more content…

Furthermore, the mental states of humans have often been left out of any legislative forums when it comes to guns. One of the details that politicians often miss when making gun laws is the mental background of some of the shooters in mass shooting incidents. The shooters in Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson, Virginia Tech and even Columbine all had similar traits, they possessed a form of mental disturbance that have been a factor for them committing such atrocities. However, their mental disabilities are of no excuse for their actions, anti-gun activists used this as a reason to make weapons extremely scarce to the general public. According to Charles W. Collier, a notable psychologist in criminal affairs, “In common law, a person is presumed to intend the natural and probable consequences of his voluntary actions.” (Collier 1) This states that through non-corrupted and common thought, anyone committing a crime is presenting a willingness to face the consequences of their actions. Notice how the tool of their crime is not stated or even mentioned as the source of fault? This further proves how the source of turmoil is the actor not the prop. In addition, guns need not be the sources of conflict for legislative acts, for many leftist and liberal supporters feel that gun legislation would prevent criminals from achieving weapons on their own account, this is folly. Little do some know

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