Virgin Blue Annual Report

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“Never have I worked for a company where I’ve had so much opportunity to broaden my horizons, both career-wise and travel-wise.” Margaret lewis, Cash Management accountant More than four years service pictured: Five members of the Van Dongen family who all work for Virgin Blue. the report. annual report 2009 From left: – First officer luke Van Dongen – Cabin Supervisor Clare Van Dongen – Captain arch Van Dongen – First officer Jacinta Van Dongen – Captain Ben Van Dongen “Each day brings a new adventure! Working with a group of fantastic people who are doing some amazing things ensures that every day is different from the last.” lisa Ingram, program administrator – V australia More than five years service the guide. all …show more content…

Melbourne-Johannesburg direct routes will commence March 2010. * Not to scale who is virgin blue group? 2 3 who is virgin group? virgin Blue v australia pacific Blue anD polYnesian Blue Our Group The Virgin Blue Airlines Group includes multi-award winning Virgin Blue, international subsidiary airline Pacific Blue; Polynesian Blue, our joint venture airline with the Government of Samoa; and V Australia, Australia’s newest international airline. Together, Virgin Blue, V Australia, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue provide domestic and international services to 45 destinations across 13 countries covering Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and also to and from North America, South East Asia*, South Africa* and Indonesia. * Subject to regulatory approval. fare tYpes contacts 4 Our people and service promise Virgin Blue Airlines Group, incorporating all four airlines, employs just 5952 people who make up our team. We believe, above all, it’s our people who set us apart among airlines. Quite simply it’s their commitment, imagination and pride that makes our business fly. The team across all four of our airlines, both on the ground and in the sky, is motivated to go the extra mile to make flying memorable for all the right reasons. Indeed outstanding service is part of our DNA. Our team’s passion and belief in offering service translates directly to our Guest’s enjoyment of

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