Virgin Island Vacation Research Paper

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I am so excited to go to the Virgin Islands for vacation this year! Every summer, my family and I go to a new place for vacation. This year it's the Virgin Islands! I was looking forward to going since last month because I told my mom we should go somewhere tropical and warm, and that's when we both thought of the idea to go to the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands is in St. John and we are going to camp at cinnamon bay. My mom said cinnamon bay is one of the best beaches in the world. We are leaving tomorrow, early in the morning.

When we got on the plane, I thoughtt of what we would do there? Would we go snorkeling, hiking, camping, scuba diving, and swimming. Then I though of going camping! That's why my mom made me bring my sleeping …show more content…

When I started to get full, I went back out into cinnamon bay with my sister. We took a hike and wandered around the bay. When we were looking across the bay we saw turtles. The turtles were so cute and charming. They were green, about 40 inches long, and weight 500 pounds. Then we sat there for a few seconds to watch the turtles. The turtles were doing flips in the water and chasing the other turtles around in the ocean. When I looked to the right, I saw people snorkeling with the fish and the coral reefs. When I looked to the left I saw people paddle boarding and canoeing. That looked so much fun! When I walked closer and closer to the shore I started to felt the ocean breeze, and that felt very nice on a warm …show more content…

When we were hiking we saw lots of animals like donkeys, deer, mongoose, bats, pigs, birds, and frogs. I never seen a mongoose before. A mongoose is a weasel-like, slender animal with short legs and small rounded ears. There about 1.5 feet to 3.5 feet. They have short, dark brown fur. My favorite animal was the birds because the bird was an Antillean Crested Hummingbird and I love hummingbirds. I also like them because there feathers are usually blue, green, light, green, and black. Then we saw many bright and colorful flowers, along the path. We also saw many tall trees. After we took a trail around our a campsite, we started to head

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