Virtual Reality: Computer Generated Simulation

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“Virtual reality promises a kind of transcendence of the limits of physical reality” (Biocca, Kim, Levy 06). “Virtual Reality” is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment in a seemingly real way by a person using special electronic equipment. When most people hear this they think of movies like “The Matrix”. They think films are the only place virtual reality is seen and used. However they are sorely mistaken in that aspect. Virtual reality is used in other fields and can be used in real life. Some of the fields that virtual reality can is used in are military, healthcare, and on the consumer level.
To begin with let’s get a feel of the history behind the subject known as “Virtual Reality”. Virtual reality has
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The next step is a more immersive environment. Part of this step is the “Leap” from leap motion which is at the forefront of the virtual reality industry. The “Leap” is a USB peripheral that creates a 3D interaction space that precisely interacts with and controls software on a computer by sensing how you naturally move your hands. Another part of the same step that’s still in development is the “Oculus Rift”. The “Oculus Rift” is a virtual reality headset that gives a truly immersive virtual reality experience for video games. It’s impressive because users can’t see the screen because of the 110-degree field of view, which means that no matter the direction all they’ll see is the game world.
However to date the field with the most beyond prototype level applications is the field of healthcare. The most focused upon applications are surgical training and computer-aided surgery systems. However medical virtual reality has more applications besides those. Pre-surgical planning that uses 3D images and computer workstation tools to design and plan out a surgical procedure is one of them. Telesurgery is basically a surgeon performing surgery at a distance with computer assistance. Disability solutions that uses augmented reality environments for treatments of autism and other cognitive impairments. 3D diagnostic imaging are tools used to analyze data and quantitative comparisons capuring and controlling medical image data in a 3D format; Radiation treatment

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