Virtual Reality and Nursing Essay

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The intention of virtual reality is to help the user relate, assess, as well as manipulate the environment, which is computer generated (Weiss, and Jessel, 1998). The practice and use of computerized capability is swiftly increasing in nursing school and in healthcare. An evolving computer technology tactic for nursing learning is the application of virtual reality simulation. This computer built three dimensional information tool mimics patients in real life in a safe environment, allowing recurring rehearsal sessions, it involves clinical assessment, and it helps students discover different situations among patients, and it also offers immediate response. This is also an effort to keep costs down and keep education more …show more content…

When nurses are made aware and prepared for these complex situations, this assists in reducing harm and it also improves patients' safety (Weiss, and Jessel, 1998). Based on the article it was reported that, healthcare providers are more likely to create errors or problems the first time they conduct any procedure. (Weiss, and Jessel, (1998). The preparations of appropriate experiences when learning and meeting the prospects of healthcare can be quite overwhelming for both students as well as the instructors. The study revealed that virtual reality simulation is an effective computerized teaching strategy, whereby real life events are simulated as well as other nursing experiences. The study reduces most of errors encountered, and allows unlimited procedures when practicing and offers effective feedback among the students and the trainers (Abrams, 2002). The study also revealed that nursing students put their attention on skills rather than exhibit concern in the preparation of nursing. Control nurses angled in the education proposed

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