Visit To A Baptist Essay

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Baptist is varied of Christian worship. Evangelical Christian church subscribes to a doctrine that will perform baptism to professing believers. The difference from catholic that performs baptism to the infant. There are different variations of this worship such as First Baptist, second Baptist, American Baptist, southern Baptist, and Etc. Like many religions through time, some things will change to keep it going. I had the opportunity to visit a Baptist church. First, the atmosphere and mood mean a lot to attract believers to that specific church. The location I visited was St. Mathis Baptist in St. Middleburg, Florida. The conjugation is made up of mostly older adults. This led me to believe that the service may lean toward catching the attention to the older crowd. I …show more content…

They put a lot of energy into how they look when at church. I feel it is this way to show respect in the sacred place. The cars that they drive are economy cars. This says that many of the members do not have plenty of money. Third, the main focus of the message is the experience and money. When the service started they went in a prayer that lasted about five minutes. Then a hymnal that we all have to sing together. That happens about three more times throughout the program. When the chorus start that when you start to tell that they trying to bring in a new generation of music into the church but is not enough to catch my attention to join this church. Money was a major role in the service about they pass around the collection plate about twice. I understand that you need the money to keep the church going but, seem like they just the money. The teaching only lasted about thirty minutes out of the whole service. The pastor seems like he was ready to go while it was his turn to start preaching. After everything experience was the focus since it took so to draw out the message didn’t get through

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