Visual Ad Analysis Essay

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Peden Wright
Profesor Quigley
September 2, 2015

Visual Ad Analysis America; a country that revolves around technology. From smartphones to social media, we cannot escape the digital world lurking around us at every moment of the day. One of the takeaways of the digital age that we are living is the effect on America’s youth. They are constantly being bombarded with pixels on a screen. As video games and television become more and more violent and realistic, adolescents become wrapped up in the virtual world instead of reality. A quote from Tom Bissell reads,“We are no longer worried that children are missing class because of video games, though. We are worried that they are murdering their classmates because of video games.” One prime example of the effects of video games and television is illustrated in a lego ad created by DDB Communications Group in early 2009. The ad uses numerous strategies such as violent images and thought provoking captions to not only appeal to the audience’s values, but also to create an impactful impression that pushes their product to the next level. The ad pictures a man who appears to be in his late teens, early twenties, sitting on a couch with a pixelated gun to his temple. His eyes are screwed shut as if he is struggling and the collar of his shirt is drenched in sweat. To the right of him, on the coffee table, sits a bottle of liquor and a glass tipped over; indicating that he has been drinking. There also is newspaper crumpled

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