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Ad Analysis It happens once a month. It lasts for five to seven days. It is a time when a female becomes physically, emotionally, and mentally affected. It has been known to be a women’s worse nightmare. It’s the infamous menstrual cycle. The only thing that makes this time manageable is a good, reliable tampon. The Tampax Pearl ad persuades buyers to purchase their product through role models, settings, and props. The ad context is directed towards the teenage female population. A high school football field is the setting for the ad. The main characters portrayed are high school cheerleaders. They are all dressed in matching uniforms with blue and white tops, white skirts, and white shoes. They are perceived to be cheering…show more content…
I can relate to being a teenage girl. Fearing the worse, that someone will see evidence that my monthly visitor has arrived. The text in the ad lures in females. When you look at the text you see some in a soft pastel pink. The ad contains a package of tampons with a heart shape on the box. The heart gives the feeling of sensitivity and is appealing to female emotions. All women can relate to the feeling of menstrual cycles. Most women feel sluggish, and bloated with water weight. With the font being very tall and stick like, it takes away the feeling of bloating and gives more of a tall and slender feel. The words used in the ad are also very persuasive. When thinking of a menstrual cycle, the words that come to my mind are dirty, bothersome, and bulky. The ad clearly changes my mind by using such words as protection, clean, carefree, small and compact. The brand Tampax has been around for several years. The fact that they have a product they now call Tampax Pearl is a clever way to advertise, as many consumers relate pearl to the color white and the color white to cleanliness. In order for Tampax to persuade consumers to buy their product they effectively used popular teenage role models, genuine settings, props, and context that is clearly relatable to teenage girls. Good advertising approaches like role models and relatability help consumers to make tough decisions when picking one brand over another. With this ad

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