Visual Analysis: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Write a description of an object as you are looking at it. Then compare the written description with information you can obtain by looking at the object or at a picture of the object. Is it true that “a picture is worth a thousand words” How does your comparison of written and visual representations relate to the discussion of propositional versus depictive representations in this chapter? For this experiment, I will choose my phone it is rectangular with a glass touch screen placed in a white protective cover. There are breaks in the white cover on three sides for the speaker, power button, volume button, charging port and headphones. On the back of the cover is the word love in bold black letters. Each letter is see-through in the middle …show more content…

Whereas an actual photo of my phone is considered a depictive representation. These two aspects are used when processing imagery often complimenting each other. While propositional representations like words or a symbol give, the individual and idea of the object visual cues can help further explain what a person is seeing. For example Dr. Kosslyn’s experiment with the propositional representation of the boat. The boat is depicted with words next to lines and dots that give the viewer a spatial perception of where everything is located on the boat and how far the each piece is from another. While it is this image can be considered a drawing, it not an actual depiction of what a boat looks like, the image is similar to blue prints. While this picture was very informative on how far the propeller is from the anchor I could not help having issues visualizing what the boat looks like. I myself and not an avid boater, so visualizing the boat that is being depicted spatially is very hard for me. In the end to get a good understanding of the boat that Kosslyn is trying to depict I would need a photo. In the end when pitting these to processes against each other I would choose a depictive representation, but when used together propositional and depictive views give accurate view of visual

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