Visual Analysis Of Ciroco

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Everyone has their own way of kicking back and relaxing, after a long week. For some it may be as simple as reading a book in a comfortable area, as for others, it can mean to go out with friends or to stay home with family. This advertisement simply shows how Ciroc can be a key factor for having a gracious time. In the ad there is a group of people seen in an elegant manner as they are dressed up in fancy outfits, smiling and admiring the moment. The picture is taken at an angle so that it seems that everyone is looking at each other while enjoying this type of vodka in martini glasses, which vodka is not usually served in. The visual is in black and white which brings out the classiness of the product. The color white is associated with purity…show more content…
This product is imported from France and is being sold for recreational purposes such as; socializing drinking, enjoyable times, and elegance class. It is said that nothing draws us together more than alcohol. Sitting down and having a drink with fellow peers usually leads to cheerfulness, laughter, and an all-around good time. The people in the visual allow one to remember the stress reliever that alcohol helps sustain. When individuals look at this depiction they receive a constant image of a worthy time running through their mind, so that when they go to the store and see the ultra-premium vodka they remember the advertisement and think about purchasing the merchandise. That then allows the buyer to put themselves in a similar setting, in which they relive the advertisement in their head. The people in the visual are socializing among each other which brings upon another reason to the selling of the product. It is show that this product is appropriate to have during social events as the group is seen with their drinks held high with positive facial expressions shown. The idea of this advertisement is to show that every brand represents something different, especially in the liquor industry. Since Sean “Diddy” combs is an equal share venture, he applies the alcoholic beverage to his lifestyle, which is rich and
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