Visual Analysis On Smoking

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Visual Analysis of an Ad.
Many people are set to believe that analyzing can only be done when they have words put in front of them to read and actually comprehend what is going on. Well that isn’t completely true. Analyzing can be done by just simply looking at a photo and pointing out the message that the picture is trying to send without reading any words. This image from the ad The Campaign Against Smoking sends the message that smoking not only kills the one who is smoking, but it’s just like committing murder because it can also kill the ones around them.They are sharing this message by showing the child crying because of the inhalation of smoke.
One detail the audience should notice about this ad is the fact that it says “Smoking isn’t
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It shows the fact that children get affected by the smoke, due to multiple things. Especially if they have breathing problems or asthma. The effects that smoking has on children is drastic and the ad not only exposes the child’s emotions with the facial expressions, but it causes the audience to get in touch with their emotions as well.
The child’s expression due to the smoke is also something that the audience will notice. It sort of shows the child coughing but then crying, it’s very explicit on the emotions that the kid is currently feeling in the situation. By looking at the ad, the viewers will assume that the child is obviously affected by the smoke surrounding his face. Some say the child is either choking or coughing, it’s obvious that that there is a reaction that the audience will realize and put into interpretation by just looking at the kid’s face.
The audience will interpret that the smoke surrounding the kid can also be a plastic bag suffocating the child. They will think this because it indeed can pass for a plastic bag. The message will still be the same because either way the child is getting affected by the smoke. It can pass for a plastic bag because of how the words are saying “It’s like murder.” So suffocating is like
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