Vocabulary Essay In English

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Learning another language is never easy. It requires a lot of effort to become competent in that language. Many things have to be considered to be able to learn well a target language. One question that a learner has to ask himself is what he could focus in learning a language. Vocabulary plays a vital role in learning any language. Vocabulary is “the knowledge of words and their meanings (Nash & Snowling as cited by Hansen, 2009).” With vocabulary knowledge, a person can enhance his/her understanding of the written and listening inputs that he/she encounters. Learning words entails reading and listening, yet, this becomes unattainable without knowing the meaning of the words. As Hazzlitt (1993) says, “if you do not know the word, you can hardly know the thing (p.51).” Also, vocabulary aids in conveying ideas, thoughts and emotions, may it be written or spoken. Hence, vocabulary is an indispensable tool in every language. …show more content…

This makes the country as the fifth English largest speaking country in the world. However, although Philippines is considered as an English speaking country, its English hold is now declining compared to its proficiency before. (2002) reported an article, “Study Shows Filipino College Studes not Proficient in English,” stating that college graduating students’ English proficiency is only at the basic level of working proficiency which means that they could hardly understand native English speakers. Also, Macasinag’s (2011) article “On the Decline of English Proficiency” stated that Filipinos are losing their competitive edge with regard to English abilities and that our claim as one of the top speaking countries may no longer be

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