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Voices in the Night
I was born in America, a free country, a place of freedom and love but I was raise by Chinese immigrant parents. I grew up poor with my family living in a house with two room, a kitchen, a restroom, and a living room for six people. Even though we were poor it was the happiest time in my life because we were always there for each other. My mother work a full time job where I only see her during dinner time and my father works oversea which I only see for a month or two in one year or sometimes two years. Although I can’t related my childhood with my parents I love them especially my father since I never see him a lot but it change after a conversion I heard one night, long ago.
The incident happen during the time in my elementary school years I was very rebellious at that time. I don’t do homework and don’t study because my parent never have time for me or my twin sister. I still remember that night as clear as possible like it just happen yesterday. It was like any other night just a bit colder since the wind was blowing. My sister and I had school the next day so we slept early, around 9pm. My sister slept with my mom while I slept with my grandma in another room. In the middle of the night, I woke up which was rare since I usually sleep through the night even if there were a storm outside. I look at the window by the bed side and I could see the tree waving at me as the wind blow and bright blue moon shining into my room. Cold wind blow into the room

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