Voluntary Protection Plan Essay

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The Voluntary Protection Plan (VPP), originally called the CalVPP, was created in 1979 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). VPP is designed to advocate and recognize companies with exceptional worksite based safety and health processes that effectively prevent and control hazards. These VPP processes make companies go above and beyond the mere compliance of the standards of OSHA and provide the best practicable protection on site and encourage on going improvement. Companies that show outstanding efforts of laborers and management who have achieved model occupational safety and health are approved into VPP (OSHA, 2017). There are a set of specifications that a company’s site must meet in order to become …show more content…

The company was awarded the VPP star in September 2006, making it one out of forty-two sites in California with this same status (PWR Case Study, pg. 7). PWR underwent a lengthy process for attaining the Cal/VPP Star certification. PWR decided to begin the Cal/VPP application process in 1922, but did not get their pre-approval onsite review until October 2005 (PWR Case Study, pg. 3&4). Following their pre-approval visit, the final review inspection was scheduled to take place in April 2006(PWR Case Study, pg. 4). The company was left with a punch list to complete within 90 after their final review inspection in order to obtain the Cal/VPP Star Certification. They faced multiple challenges while applying for VPP. The first one being that only five out of the six unions signed the statement. This in turned delayed the submission of their application for years. Once the application was submitted, it had to be withdrawn twice before the final one was excepted. The first time being because United Technologies Corporation bought Rocketdyne from Boeing, forcing them to change their name on the application. The application was pulled for the second time because PWR announced the opening of its second site called the DeSoto facility in Canoga Park (PWR Case Study, pg. 3). Many things were learned throughout the process of receiving the Cal/VPP Star certification. The most noticeable benefit for PWR was the effect of

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