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Cheyenne Nielson Blog 2 Revised Safari Dreams Come True with Voluntours Adventures Voluntours Adventures, located in Kikuyu, Kenya, was founded to not only give incredible experiences to tourists but to also educate tourists of both the hardships and beauty of Kenyan life. Voluntours strives to foster growth and sustainability in local communities. When booking with Voluntours, you are contributing to their projects like building schools for the Maasai, medical outreaches, and water projects to help the Maasai have access to their most basic needs. National Geographic In Real Life I have gone on a Maasai Mara safari with Voluntours in 2016, 2017, and am planning to this summer. Each time, they have exceeded my expectations. Before my safari, all I hoped for was to see as many animals as possible. Not only was this accomplished, but I also was surprised at how passionate I became about Kenyan culture and animals. The Voluntours team is very passionate about Kenya and eager to show it to the world. …show more content…

It was really special to see the direct impact Voluntours has on these local villagers on an individual basis. Going in, I knew that Voluntours contributed to the community, but I did not expect to be so involved. I was able to spend half a day at a beautiful school Voluntours had helped build. I interacted with children, who without this school, would have no education. It was very inspiring to directly see what projects they are working on and what I was helping fund. It made my experience all the more meaningful. You will not regret booking your next adventure with Voluntours. Not only will you have the most incredible experiences, but you will also be spending time with a company who is actively contributing to local communities. With Voluntours, your safari means so much more. Visit Voluntours website to learn more about booking your next

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