Voting Should Be Compulsory

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Every citizen in America has the right to vote, yet so many decide not to. With the turnout at just 57.5 percent for the 2012 presidential election, voter turnout rates are steadily decreasing with every next big election. There are many reasons why people may not vote: a lack of understanding politics, busy schedules, or pure laziness. Regardless, the men and women who fought so hard to get equal voting right for everyone, it is only fair to make it an obligation for every United State citizen to turn out on election day and vote. Subsequently, I believe that voting should be compulsory because one vote could make or break a nation.
To begin with, choosing not to vote when given the right ti is considered to be disrespectful to an abundance of people in the past who sacrificed their time and effort for the right to vote. A classical example of a motivational suffragette is Susan B. Anthony. She was arrested and sent to trial in Rochester, New York, along with fifteen other women for illegally voting. Being the posterity of that time, it is the utmost right to show appreciation for the leader(s) who allowed women’s voices to be heard during elections. Ultimately, if these selected women did not stand up and battle for women’s voting right, women today would probably still be portrayed as weak and insignificant, yet alone to obtain the right to vote.
Moreover, it is not fair to many unprivileged or oppressed people all over the world who would give anything for the right to

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