Voting throught the History of the United States: Not Living Up to the Founding Fathers´ Ideals

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Achieving a goal is like a person who usually fails tests finally perfecting a better score but perfection is out of reach why even try. The American government was founded on the basis of equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy. These vision influences our actions and decision. There are sometimes when the government did not allow people to have equal rights and the freedom. The nation increased opportunity and equality to Americans perhaps not all though. United States have not lived up to the founding fathers’ ideals.

Voting first limited to those who had land; then those who did not could, and finally women got their chance to vote. The nation limited American rights to vote but it limited equality as well. In …show more content…

Some of the times the country went to war because of neutrality. Other countries had decided to test the policy by stopping our trade. Carl Schurz said that the U.S. foreign policy was to promote peace not conquest; by not influencing the people with weapons but not fighting battles; giving respect to them (255). This is important to letting countries deal with their problems but offering little help unlike what happened in the Big Stick Policy. It was created by Theodore Roosevelt who wanted to make United States an international police so that we could preserve peace and order and protect American interests. United States battled Philippines forces because we wanted to control Philippines and ensure free trade in the Pacific. White planters in Hawaii with the help of the government overthrew the queen.United States also intervened in China were they issued the Open Door Policy to keep it open to foreign trade.(21)

Americans treated immigrants unfairly. It took away equality and liberty from them. They were spied and attacked on. People fears allowed the government to take charge by passing Espionage Act, and Sedition Act. This limited what these immigrants could say in public, and write letters of their problems home (310).

People were scared of radicals especially Palmer. He used what was know as the Palmer Raid to seek weapons, and evidence of violent activities in businesses

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