Vygotsky's Theory of Sociocultural Development

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Vygotsky studied the Sociocultural Theory, which had three themes: the social sources of individual thinking, the roles of cultural tools in learning and development, and the zone of proximal development (Driscoll, 2005; Wertsch & Tulviste, 1992 as cited in Woolfolk 2013). In other words, Vygotsky believed that the happenings of people occur in cultural settings and cannot be understood outside of these situations. This theory emphasizes the relationship between children and those who are more knowledgeable because children learn through the culture of their environment and through their interactions. According to Vygotsky, a child’s development appears two times: first, on the shared level and later on the individual level.…show more content…
By: Andrea Davis Pinkney & Brian Pinkney Objective: Students will be able to better understand how the inequalities of segregation led to the Civil Rights movement. One morning, unexpectedly, without the students being aware, divide the class in two groups for a few hours. • Group 1 will sit in the front, stand in front of the line and receive privileges that the other group won’t have. • Group 2 will sit in the back, be ignored by the teacher, and stand in the back of the line. They will be treated differently and not as good as the first group. • After lunch, there will be a role reversal, Group 2 will be treated as good as Group 1 was and now Group 1 will be treated as badly as Group 2 was. The hypothesis is that because the teacher was being mean to group 2, group 1 would treat group 2 just as badly because they are imitating what they see from the teacher. They believe that it is ok to be disrespectful and mean because someone older is doing it. However, when group 2 is treated better than group 1, they will be more kind and respectful to their peers because they know what it felt like being singled out and mistreated. This is a way of scaffolding because the students learn from their peers and from those who are more knowledgeable than them. Because the teacher has authority, they believe it is the right to do to make fun and mistreat the lower group. Essentially this makes sense because people do what is accepted in society and are afraid of
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