Waking Up Creative Writing

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Eyes open, sprawled out and I grasp at… air, air. Waking up I’m no longer in the nightmarish abyss, clutching at the light above, my fingertips never reaching a single ray. Still I’m sweating down waterfalls, panting, panting…panting for no reason. There aren’t any cliffs in Florida. The land’s flat. I’m not going to fall off anything anytime soon. Cue Bob Marley on the Music app: “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be al…” I dress. The cotton feels coarser than usual, but nothing’s changed. The sweater’s the same as it was yesterday. Maybe it’s just a little bit wider. I’ve gained a couple of pounds since fall semester started. I stare in the mirror. It stares back at me. I go to the bathroom. It’s almost empty. Only Leonard’s there, half naked, shaving off his beard. He’s usually careful, but this time he puts too much pressure on the blade. It takes a couple of seconds for the wound to ooze out a drop. He realizes he cut himself only at the sight of blood. It’s the first time I hear Leonard curse. He scoops up water to his face. The red dot reemerges a second after each splash. He opens the door and slams it behind him. I wince as I squish Crest onto my toothbrush. … …show more content…

The weatherwoman last night said it was going to be like this, but she’s predicted wrong in the past so I don’t really trust her. She got lucky today. Strangers walk past each other, staring at the floor like wilting sunflowers. A guy on a bike almost gets run over. The car stops and beeps. The biker carries on and doesn’t look back. The car leaves

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