Wal-Mart Is The Epicenter For Commercial Distribution,

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Wal-Mart is the epicenter for commercial distribution, corporate standards, and systematic buyer-seller business commerce. There’s nothing special about most Wal-Marts- aside from the people who work there, they are all the same. Huge, ugly buildings that sell everything for the lowest price they can while also making the most money they can. Dozens of people run each store, and they all fade into the background like chess pieces on a black and white board. When writing a review of the working conditions at Wal-Mart, one former employee said “Learn to appreciate your hard working employees! They bust their bottoms in that place. When you find someone slacking on the job, stop and consider that maybe they need to know you appreciate what…show more content…
Again, no big deal- until, that is, ten other people have to do the same thing, and suddenly the parking lot is a chaotic storm of nomadic vehicles being driven by irritated people because some animal couldn’t put their cart away. Additionally, carts may roll around on the pavement, bashing into vehicles, damaging property, and just overall being a nuisance. None of these issues, however, are the biggest ones caused by this act of negligence. By choosing not to put their carts away, customers are saying that such an action is beneath them and can be done by an employee- in short, someone lesser than them, (the customer.) It is degrading to the employee, and overall disrespectful, particularly during times of bad weather. Because someone did not feel like putting away something which they had used for their own convenience, someone else now has to walk around an icy parking lot in sub zero temperatures putting the carts away for hours on end. This relates to an ethos based thinking, as it is an ethical issue- but of course, no one thinks about that- and if they do, they cover it up by saying “That’s the employee’s job.” It is a fireman’s job to put out fires, but does that mean arson is an acceptable practice? Leaving carts behind in the parking lot is disrespectful to the employees, yes, but it goes beyond that, as well. How do these people act in other aspects of life? For instance, do they throw their
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