Wal Mart 's Mission Statement

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Wal-Mart’s mission Statement:
“We save people money so they can live better” Proposed New mission Statement:
We save people money by delivering value and quality, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences both in store and on line so they can live better.
Wal-Mart’s position from the competitive forces model competition among rivals is fairly weak. The market is crowded but Wal-Mart has the lowest costs, prices, profits, and market share. Wal-Mart exerts a great deal of effort in making sure they are innovative and meeting customer requests. The bargaining power of suppliers is weak as well. For most producers, Wal-Mart would be their largest account. The bargaining power of buyers is also weak. There is a very broad base of customers and a meaningful demand for low prices. The threat of new entrants is weak. Wal-Mart has a scale of operation that is very important, it would take years, maybe even decades, for a new company to be on the same level. Even prominent companies today would have really difficult time matching the costs and prices Wal-Mart provides.
Walmart 's competitive advantages from a value chain perspective. First of all it is a distribution capability: well-organized distribution, leadership of Walmart’s own distribution centers and “inside-out” location strategy. Second, is partnership relationship with merchants: integrates suppliers via IT & treats them well in terms of pricing, they are more business partners than “value takers”. Third, is
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