Walk Out Song Meaning

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My walk out song would be “Shut up and Dace” By Walk the Moon. This has been my favorite song for over a year. Generally, I don’t have a favorite, but this song stuck. When I first listened to it, the song sang of meeting someone in a bar to whom they guy related with. He was able to get to know her and began dancing with her. This was a perfect song for the way I met my ex. Me and my ex met while we were in marching band together. I was in a relationship, but me and my ex always talked with one another instead of doing our homework. I was bound to happen as the song states that we got together. Not only that, but the song has a dancing beat to it. Being from marching band and growing up with a lov of music, this song became an easy song for me to be able to dance to and march to with my friends.…show more content…
As a person who suffers with depression at times, it is reassuring to know that at times in our life we can just forget about the stress we face daily and focus on having a good time. When we focus on that and the here and now, life isn’t so scary of stressful. When this song first played for me to hear, I could just feel the stress of my job leaving me. I was less worried about the bosses yelling at me for not enjoying myself at an amusement park. I could enjoy my day at work then and every time before I go to school or work, when I play it, my day ends up turning out better than I expected. For me this song is more than just a good song with some great beats, it has been a part of my life for every obstacle I have faced thus far. It has given me the joy in life, the stress reliever I have always needed, and to a degree it outlines several of the things I have accomplished because of the small memories I have with this song. Every time this song plays, I remember happy times, which in turn clams me down and creates an environment for me to be able to grow as a person and a
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